What is Mindfulness?

There are two aspects to practising psychological "mindfulness."

The first is to pay attention to each thought, feeling or sensation as it arises, without judgement and without trying to explain or understand.

It can be helpful to describe these in words to yourself. Or you can describe your experiences in a journal and follow a train of thought and see where it leads to.

This is sometimes described as 'noticing thoughts and sensations as though watching clouds pass across the sky.'

The second important element is to adopt a particular attitude of curiosity, openness and warmth and acceptance and to one's experiences in the present moment. Of course, this can all be very challenging and takes time and practice.

Paying attention to your breathing is also helpful while you practice mindfulness.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

This approach can have many benefits mentally and emotionally. It can help us to make new cognitive connections and associations and gain new insights about our experience, to learn more quickly from our experience, and to develop the skills for controlling concentration. It can help us to become more able to manage our emotions and thoughts.

Mindfulness is especially powerful in association with counselling or psychotherapy.

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