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A number of years prior to the pandemic I took professional training to work with clients via online video, telephone or in writing and offered this as a back up in the event of extreme weather, transport or childcare issues, physical limitations, business, or student travel etc. However, some people chose to meet exclusively online because of their circumstances.

Since the pandemic, many more people have been ready, willing or able to meet remotely for social, professional, medical or therapeutic reasons. In fact, clients and therapists alike tend to find that meeting remotely can actually enhance the therapeutic relationship, because there is more scope to adapt to day to day challenges.  In addition, empathy and compassion and other unconscious communications seem to be just as powerful, if not more so, when working remotely. 


Therapeutic boundaries 

It is important where possible to arrange sessions for a regular day and time each week.
The framework of a regular confidential appointment in the same environment with a familiar, compassionate, non-judgemental therapist allows issues and experiences to be explored, often for the first time.

This very special therapeutic format gives safe boundaries, a sense of security and a vehicle within which painful or intense feelings can be explored safely together over the short, medium or longer term.

It is in your interests to make sure you choose somewhere private and comfortable, where you will not be disturbed for the duration of our sessions which are normally 50 minutes.  


Technical arrangements including backup

Working remotely requires additional planning and consideration including what to do in the event of technical issues or crisis. 

We need to make sure from the outset that working remotely will be right for you; that you will feel comfortable meeting via technology in this way.

Working remotely may not be appropriate for everyone, for example, those who are in crisis or very vulnerable prior to contacting me. 

If you would like to explore having therapy remotely, please get in touch so we can find out how this would work for you.


Working remotely can ensure that we will be able to meet regularly and can help to establish a safe therapeutic relationship in a way that may not be possible otherwise.

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