Geraldine McManus Psychotherapy and Counselling

I understand that having counselling or psychotherapy can be a new experience and it can be difficult to make that initial call or email.

I also understand how important it is that you feel comfortable to go forward and so you are welcome to contact me to have an initial brief chat by phone before making an appointment.

If you are new to counselling or psychotherapy

Starting to have counselling or psychotherapy is a bit like starting to do a new form of exercise. People often feel relieved and start to feel better immediately, it might also feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable or even painful at times, but you are investing in a process that brings longer term, sustainable benefits.

Please don't hesitate to contact me

People often say that it took them a long time to decide to have counselling or psychotherapy, then to search for a counsellor before getting around to contacting me.

But  once they came along they found that they felt better more quickly than they anticipated.  

So you are welcome to call for an informal conversation, without charge,  for example up to 15 minutes, to start the ball rolling.


or fill in the enquiry form on this page.

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