Couple Counselling, Relationship and Sibling Therapy 

Relationships can be challenging at the best of times. Couples or individuals seek help whether they or not they are engaged, married, living together or contemplating divorce or separation.


It can also be helpful to have support when trying to manage with different parenting styles, or parenting children who need to stay with parents who are living separately and have different parenting styles or priorities.


Couples often find it useful to speak confidentially to someone impartial who is non-judgemental and supportive, to help to explore the issues and find a different way forward.

Where possible I initially see both people together, then individually for one session each, and then together again. We continue with this pattern for as long as it feels appropriate, helpful and relevant.

We work together and individually to understand the different needs and concerns of each member of the relationship, relevant background assumptions and expectations and the dynamics of the relationship itself.

This also allows the opportunity to explore different communication strategies.

Couples who are considering living together or getting married can also find new ways of thinking about and talking through hopes and concerns in a supportive environment.