Face to Face Therapy in Godalming Area


The framework of a regular appointment in the same environment with a familiar, compassionate, non-judgemental therapist allows issues and experiences to be explored, often for the first time.

When meeting face-to-face in a confidential and peaceful setting a relationship becomes established between you and the therapist in which you work together to try to get a deeper understanding of the difficulties you are facing and how they impact on your daily life.

This very special setting gives a framework, a sense of security and a vehicle within which painful or intense feelings can be explored together.

Most people choose to meet in person with a therapist (face-to-face therapy), however there are some reasons why some people prefer telephone or even online video counselling. I offer telephone or online video counselling as a back up in the event of extreme weather, transport, childcare, business travel or other unusual situations. It is important to explore the role this may play in the therapy. Alternatively, we can intentionally plan to work with some or all remote sessions. Working remotely requires additional planning and consideration.

Contact Me Confidentially

Regardless of which option you choose, my way of working and my therapeutic orientation are the same. Please call me free direct through the website to arrange an appointment, or use the mobile or email contact details below:-

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